The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house that needs to be furnished from top to bottom, or maybe, your home or office is simply ready for an update. Either way, hiring a profession interior designer can help you turn an empty (or outdated) space into one that you’ll look forward to walking into day after day. At Martel Interiors, we specialize in creating beautiful, personalized spaces for our home and commercial clients. As the favored local interior design firm in Upland, we work with our clients to create customized spaces that are suited to their unique style. We service the entire Inland Empire from Claremont to Rancho Cucamonga with our team of top-tier interior design professionals.
The problem many people face when they begin a design project, is that they struggle with defining their “style”. Typically, your aesthetic is going to be a blend of different things that appeal to you, however, taking those elements and creating a comprehensive look is not always easy. A seasoned designer can help you define your aesthetic and pull together carefully selected furniture, trimmings, and color choices that work well together. This ensures that your interior design is harmonious and doesn’t look pieced together. The key is in finding the perfect balance between function and fashion. A well-planned interior design has the power to boost both your mood and productivity.
An added benefit to hiring an interior designer is that it helps you stay on budget. Often people find that when they try to tackle a design project by themselves, it’s extremely difficult to balance a project budget with all the different factors that need to be considered. A trained interior designer can help you prioritize where the bulk of your budget should go, and where you can afford to cut back. Having a well-constructed budget in place will help avoid any financial surprises over the course of your design project.
Choosing the right interior designer is crucial. With over 25 years of design experience, and servicing the communities of Upland, Claremont, Montclair and Rancho Cucamonga, Martel Interiors is the premier interior design firm in the Inland Empire. We are experts at both residential and commercial interior design and pride ourselves on creating beautiful, functional spaces for our clients. Our dedicated staff is standing by to help you with all of your design needs. Call us today and one of our professional designers will help you create the space of your dreams.